Advent Calendars PeA Advent Calendar Holiday Greenery Wreath
Traditional Christmas
Advent Calendars
German Chocolate Filled
Count Down to Christmas

Religious Advent Calendars
Chocolate Filled
Count Down To Christmas
Holiday Greenery
Wreaths, Swags & Garland
Gourmet Cookie Dough Delicious Delights Sara Lee Gourmet Pies
Gourmet Cookie Dough
Place N' Bake or Tubs
Delicious Delights
Cheesecakes, Pretzel Dogs, Pizza Bread,
Coffee Cakes and Cookie Dough
Sara Lee Gourmet Pies
Six Flavors
Healthy Snacks Welch's Fruit Snacks Healthy Pretzel Rods
Healthy Snacks
3 Variety Packs to choose from
Welch's Fruit Snacks
Made with Real Fruit
Healthy Pretzel Rods
Jack Links Sweet Kettle Corn Discount Cards
Jack Link's Beef Steak Sweet Kettle Corn Custom Discount Cards
Gourmet Pies Ultimate Desserts Gourmet Cheesecakes, Pies & Desserts
Gourmet Pies
Large Variety of "Thaw and Serve"
and "Ready to Bake" Fruit Pies
Ultimate Desserts
Gourmet Cheesecakes, Coffee Cake,
and French Silk Pie
Broadway Café
Gourmet Desserts, Cakes, Snacks, Cookie Dough and Frozen Foods

Popping Popcorn Ovens of Tuscany Braided Bread
Poppin Popcorn
Ovens of Tuscany
Gourmet Pizza, Pizza Breads
and Snacks
Braided Bread
One Dollar Bar Lamontagne Chocolate Bars Hershey Variety Packs
One Dollar Bar
Largest $1.00 Bar in Fundraising
Chocolate Bars
5 Flavors
Hershey Variety Packs
Sell for $2.00

Yummy-Lix Smencils & Sport Smencils Bostong's Best Coffee
Gourmet Lollipops
Sweet, Sour, and Color Explosions
12 Varieties
Smencils Scented Pencils
Boston's Best Coffee
8 Flavors

Boston Ultimate Beverages Healthy Pretzel Rods Pretzel Rods
Ultimate Beverages
Healthy Pretzel Rods Pretzel Rods
Three Flavors

Candles Two-Year Planners  
Touch of Elegance
Two-Year Planners  

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